The mechanics and development of the human body fascinate me, and so does the connection between a person's physical body and their emotional and mental state. Every person has the power within themselves to strengthen and heal their own body. I've always had a passion for helping others, and in addition to relieving pain, I hope to inspire and educate all of my clients in the importance of paying attention to every aspect of their well-being: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

I have an associates degree in massage therapy from Heritage College, the largest massage school in Colorado, and am a state-licensed massage therapist. After attaining my degree, I completed a three-year internship at Denver University's Ritchie Fitness center; my clients primarily included athletes, gymnasts and gym members. With a total of ten years experience in the field of massage and bodywork, I have provided services to chiropractic offices and given self-treatment seminars for the DU Wellness Program. Since 2003, I have worked with clients with spinal cord injuries in coordination with The Chanda Plan Foundation. I also hold certification in Hot Stone Massage from the Institute for Therapeutic Massage, and certification in Prenatal Massage from Heritage. I'm always learning more about the body and have attained a few other certifications. I am insured through Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

In 2005 I returned to Heritage and earned a second associates degree in personal fitness training. My training clients have included athletes, people with spinal cord injuries, businessmen and women, and stay-at-home moms.

Here's what some of my clients have to say about our work together:

Several years ago while sitting at a stop light, I was one of five cars rear ended by a drunken driver.  My vehicle was totaled, and the major injury that I received was to my back.  For three years I went through a variety of treatments and medications, and had given up on my back getting better.

My coworker was in an auto accident a few years ago, and had been going to Shasta Bates for treatment.  She ranted and raved about the treatment she received from Shasta, but after going to an untold number of massage therapists and chiropractors I really was not interested--until I noticed my coworker's improved posture and free movement with her back. 

I thought, I’ll try her once and see if she helps.  To my surprise, after the first treatment I had relief from the pain, and after several treatments the pain was gone.  Since starting to work with Shasta, I terminated the use of topical and pills to relieve the pain.  I am now working out in the gym several days a week! ~Bill C.

I learned about Shasta from a friend of mine who was a client of Shasta’s.  At the time I was suffering from constant aches and pain in my back, neck and shoulders.  My misery was the result of several years of long stressful days sitting in front of a keyboard, combined with a significantly less active lifestyle.   Shasta was able to give me immediate relief through deep tissue massage.  She has been incredibly effective in reversing the years of abuse I put myself through.  

Shasta is a great therapist.  What I think makes Shasta exceptional is her willingness to share her wealth of knowledge on the topics of physiology, nutrition and fitness to help her clients attain a proper balance in life. ~Christian S.

I see Shasta on a weekly basis. As I live with a spinal cord injury, Shasta's weekly massage therapy is extremely important to me. I experience muscle atrophy and deterioration from poor circulation caused by the spinal cord injury I received at age nine. I am now in my 20's and for many years, I did nothing about my health status and eventually started to experience chronic pain.

I needed a treatment that was going to complement my body and mind rather than resorting to pain medication, which was only making my situation worse. Massage was a form of therapy my body truly needed and significantly responded to in a positive way. Increased circulation through Shasta's massage prevented my muscles from getting worse. Shasta's touch is amazing and I will always be receiving massage. ~Chanda H.

I started training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) about two years ago. I regularly attended training classes 5 or 6 days a week, had a couple competitions and did fairly well but really felt like something was missing... a consistent strength training program. I talked to Shasta and set up a consultation session. Together we evaluated where I was and discussed where I wanted to go.

I now train with Shasta every week. What I've got from my training sessions is more than I ever expected from the program. Each exercise was explained to me in detail: what it would do, and how it fit in with my fitness goals. She also explained how I could incorporate it into routines I could do on my own at home or at my gym.

Shasta does regular followups on how I feel I'm doing. Am I accomplishing my goals? What is working? What do we need to change? The whole experience has been centered around me and what I need which differs from a lot of gyms or other trainers I have dealt with. What also makes the experience unique is that she isn't afraid to try something new. A lot of trainers just stick to the good old tried and true methods but in addition to that during our sessions we branch out and have tried some innovative techniques that really work.

What I've gained from the training is a lot more strength, better stability, and quicker movement. My body feels tight and I'm in control of where it goes. I've had many compliments at my MMA classes about how my movement and balance have improved, how strong and toned I have become. That is how I know what Shasta has me doing during our sessions really works.

You can't beat the personalization. You can't beat a trainer who isn't afraid to spend some time researching in order to formulate the best program for you no matter what your needs or fitness goals are. It's a unique experiences and should be a breath of fresh air for any who have tried working with other trainers in the past. ~ Ann W.