Feathers 'N Flight
Package Expiration Policy

last revised July 4, 2012

Package Expiration Date
At the time of a package purchase, I will issue an expiration date. This date will be based on the number of sessions in the package, and will be provided to the client as part of the payment receipt.

Session Forfeiture
A client must schedule and use ALL of the sessions in a package prior to the expiration date. A session may be scheduled on the expiration date itself, but no later. Any sessions unused by the expiration date shall be forfeited. The client must purchase a new session or package to schedule their next appointment.

No Refunds for Forfeited Sessions
Any sessions forfeited under the terms of this policy will not be refunded, in whole or in part, under any circumstances.

Gift Certificates
Expiration dates are also issued on all gift certificates. If the gift certificate is not used by the expiration date, the certificate will be void. No refunds will be issued for expired certificates.

Service Provider's Right to Waive/Reset Expiration Date
I reserve the right to waive or reset, at my discretion, the expiration date on any package, provided that the new expiration date is set for a date LATER than the previous one. Under no circumstances shall an expiration date be moved up earlier, once it has been set.