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Feathers 'N Flight offers services at a variety of locations:

My Office Location

Feathers 'N Flight
17741 Cottonwood Drive Parker, CO 80134

Directions: Off S. Parker Rd and Cottonwood Drive. Near 470. If you have any questions or help finding the place please call me on my cell at 720.260.0512.

At my office location I can offer many more amenities and features than at any other location, starting with the spacious massage room filled with unique and special treasures I've collected over the years -- peacock feathers, precious stones, artifacts from Hawaii, Native American crafts, exotic incense, candles, and my own artwork. I also have a water bell fountain that fills the room with the gentle sounds of splashing water and the chime of golden bells, and I can light candles and incense to further enhance your massage experience. I have a deluxe massage table set up in the center of the room, within easy reach of my hot stone warmer and assorted lotions and oils, and a heated table pad for added comfort. Music from my personal collection of therapeutic music will be played quietly throughout the session.

I am also able to offer luxurious hot stone massages out of this location. The comforting, relaxing ambiance of this room also makes it ideal for emotion release therapy.

Location Discount: Due to the reduced demands on my time and vehicle, I am able to offer a significant discount on services provided out of my office location. You can enjoy up to $25 in savings on my regular hourly rate and more with purchases of package deals! See the rates page for more info.

Location Hours: I can schedule appointments at my office location from 8 AM – 8 PM, Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays, Sunday appointments may be available by special request. Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis.

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Travel to the Client's Home
Whenever possible, I prefer to work out of my office location. However, on occasion I do work with clients who are unable or unwilling to travel to my usual workplaces. Therefore, I am also available to perform sessions on-site at a client's home. Additional mileage and travel charges will apply; see my rates page for more information.

Requirements: We will need a quiet space big enough for me to set up my massage table. I would suggest a living room (with the furniture cleared aside) or a large bedroom. If the client is bedridden, I am able to perform services in his or her own bed, though I recommend that the sheets be laundered immediately afterward as massage lotion has the tendency to be absorbed quickly into bedsheets.

If you are requesting hot stone massage services, I will need access to a water supply and electrical outlet very close to our work area.

Location Hours: On-Site appointments are available Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM. Saturday and Sunday appointments are available by special request.

Location Rates: My standard massage rate of $75 will apply to all on-site locations, plus a flat travel fee of $25; additional mileage costs may also apply based on the driving distance to your home. Depending on the client's level of necessity for on-site services, I may be willing to waive the travel fee, mileage fees, or both.

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