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Hot Stone Massage
Black basalt massage stones are heated in water, coated with sweet-smelling massage oil, and used to massage the client's body - arms, legs, face, toes, hands, upper chest, and back. The warmth and weight of the stones provides an unparalleled relaxation experience! Surround yourself in candlelight, the gentle fragrance of incense, and the soft sounds of water splashing and copper bells chiming from the nearby fountain as this exquisite luxury melts all your stress away.

Hot Stone massages take one and a half hours to complete, and are generally only performed at my office location (though I may, by request, be willing to travel to a client's home.) Special rates apply; see my Rates and Packages page for details!

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Deep Tissue Massage
This massage style is targeted at the deeper tissue structure of the muscle and fascia (the tissue that surrounds muscle bundles, kind of like saran-wrap, and holds important things like veins and nerves in place). The primary techniques focus on the physiological release of tension or congestion in these tissues, and a light lotion is used to reduce friction on the skin as the muscles are manipulated.

Deep tissue massage is particularly suited to clients who suffer from tightness and pain associated with habitual poor posture, and repetitive activities. For example, sitting at a desk all day long can put serious strain on your lower back and neck areas, even your upper shoulders, especially if you have a hard time keeping your back in perfect alignment for eight hours a day! Athletes, too, often encounter problems with these types of knotted tissues from the constant and repetitive demands made on certain muscle groups as they train.

It should be noted that a deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable at first, as I must sometimes apply intense pressure in order to reach and relieve the offending muscle contractions. You may experience soreness in particularly difficult areas for a day or two later. But, most clients say that afterward they find themselves feeling much better, with greater flexibility and ease of movement, and that their pain is drastically reduced. Also, with regular sessions the tight spots are not only loosened, but don't form as easily anymore either, and that usually makes each subsequent session a little more comfortable.

Deep tissue massage is the primary specialty of Feathers N' Flight, and is usually incorporated to some extent into every session. Its intensity can be adjusted to the client's comfort level; just make sure that you let me know if you need lighter pressure. I can perform these massages at just about any location, and offer some great package deals for those who want regular treatment!

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Trigger Point Therapy
A trigger point is a small, contracted knot in the muscle tissue. Often it feels like a partially cooked piece of macaroni, or a small pea buried deep in the muscle. Trigger points affect the muscle by keeping it both tight and weak. They maintain a constant tension on the muscle fibers connected to it, which can produce pain not just in the muscle but also in the joints and ligaments associated with it.

As if that weren't bad enough, these trigger points can also restrict circulation, resulting in an interruption of your body's metabolism. The wasteful by-products of metabolic processes accumulate in the muscle because they can't move themselves through the tightened knot, and in the process the oxygen and nutrients your body needs are blocked from getting to their destinations. Once formed, these trigger points can remain stored in the body for months or even years unless some intervention occurs. Imagine how much damage they can do in that kind of time!

While most treatment of pain is based on the assumption that the cause of pain will be found at the site of pain (seems logical, right?) trigger points are sneaky. They almost always send their pain elsewhere, and the sites of pain are referred to as "messengers" -- letting you know that something, somewhere, isn't quite right. In the case of trigger points it's a good idea to work around the site of pain before actually tackling it directly. It's kind of like a cause and effect theory - it's hard to eliminate the symptoms of a problem without first finding the cause.

Whereas general deep tissue techniques apply to larger areas, trigger point therapy is very precise and focused on these small knots, and involves manipulation and targeted pressure to encourage the muscle to relax and let go. This type of therapy is often used in coordination with deep tissue work in order to eliminate some of the most intense areas of muscle spasm. I can perform these massages at just about any location, and offer some great package deals for those who want regular treatment!

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Sports Massage
A sports based massage focuses primarily on the concepts of circulation and stretching, both extremely important for athletes as they are consistently building and challenging their bodies.

Circulation is vital to proper nutrition of body tissue, and therefore is vital to any athlete who wants the most efficient (and least painful) results from their training. Intensive physical exercise means that the body's cell metabolism increases, and good circulation helps the body rid itself of the toxic byproducts that accumulate from that metabolism. Have you ever experienced those sharply painful, sore muscles the day after a heavy workout? That pain is caused by lactic acid, which builds up when muscles have been worked into an anaerobic state. If it isn't moved out of the muscle tissue it results in lots of stiffness and sensitivity later. Massage moves these substances out of the body, and helps stimulate new cell growth to repair damaged tissues. Preventing congestion in the muscle tissues as they are being broken down and rebuilt can also improve reflexes, as the neurological pathways between the nervous system and the muscle fiber are kept clear and ready for use.

In addition to circulatory massage, the technique known as MET (Muscle Energy Technique) emphasizes stretching to keep muscles lengthened, and to prevent straining from overuse. Constant contraction of muscles causes them to shorten naturally, and in order for an athlete to maintain flexibility and a full range of motion, stretching sessions are just as important as the rest of their training.

Sports massage is ideal for any athlete who participates in a consistent routine of physical activity, particularly if they are prone to use certain muscle groups more than others, or have a history of injuries. With regular massage treatments incorporated into a training program, an athlete can maximize the benefits of their workouts while minimizing the damage (and danger of damage) to their body in the process. I can perform these massages at just about any location, and offer some great package deals for those who want regular treatment, or want to combine a massage program with a workout package!

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Neuromuscular Massage
When the body undergoes stress, be it mechanical, postural or emotional, it often attempts to compensate for the pain or loss of mobility in one area by overusing another area. This can cause changes in the way the brain's signals communicate with the muscles, and too many such changes can result in an even greater reduction of mobility, muscle fatigue, and sometimes even depression, as some parts of the body are called upon to do the work of others.

Such neuromuscular changes are harmful to the body as they produce further physiological dysfunction. It's a progressively destructive cycle, as the stressed and weak areas are never forced to get any stronger because the rest of the body is compensating for their loss. And meanwhile, the areas that are being overworked end up also suffering from stress, which means the body must rearrange the workload again and again until eventually nearly every possible muscle group is in pain.

Neuromuscular therapy treatment (NMT) aims to stimulate the reflexes associated with the source of the problem, be it a joint or muscle, in order to redirect the body to use those functions instead of compensating elsewhere. NMT involves an assessment of the client's posture, and soft tissue manipulation; massaging the tissues with light strokes at first, and progressively getting deeper. This technique helps reveal areas of tension, contracted tissue and hypersensitivity.

Clients who have suffered from chronic pain in one particular area (lower back, neck, a specific joint) will most likely be in need of at least some NMT treatment in order to experience full relief. I can perform these massages at just about any location, and offer some great package deals for those who want regular treatment.

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Emotional Release Therapy
A more specialized form of deep tissue massage, emotional release therapy targets not just the physiological symptoms of muscle tension but also the emotional and psychological causes. Poor posture, one of the main culprits for incorrect spine alignment and the cramping, tired muscles that result, isn't always just due to environmental factors. Sometimes it has been picked up from one's family and friends from childhood; sometimes it develops as a reaction to certain forms of punishment and/or emotionally charged situations. Slumping shoulders and a rounded spine can result from low self-esteem, fear and depression, and occasionally simply the memories of previous negative experiences.

Memory and emotion have a powerful effect on the human body, more so than most people realize. Traumatic and stressful situations in life have the tendency to manifest in the body as tight, contracted muscles. Painful lumps and knots form as a physical response to the body's emotional state. And sometimes, long after the immediate emotional chaos has quieted down, your body is still holding on to the physical consequences of those feelings. Emotional release therapy involves both deep tissue and trigger point techniques, concentrating on small areas for longer periods of time. Intense, targeted pressure on certain tight spots can be painfully overwhelming, and cause repressed or stored emotions to surface.

In addition, some of the principles of reiki are also incorporated into this therapy. Not only are the negative emotions allowed to surface and dissipate, I concentrate positive energy into my touch to replace the unhappy energies, with the purpose of leaving you feeling lighter, happier and far less burdened by the end of the session.

Because this is an extremely intensive therapy, both physically and emotionally painful, it requires a high level of trust between therapist and client. There must be a willingness on your part to explore and express past and present trauma and worries, including financial anxieties, relationship problems, even unpleasant and sometimes crippling memories. Due to the very personal nature of this type of therapy, it is not always possible for every client to experience it... and sometimes it may occur when neither of us has intended it! I can perform this therapy at virtually any location, though I recommend my home studio or your personal residence, as comfort and a sense of privacy is essential to the success of this treatment. Emotional Release sessions are priced the same as my other standard massages.

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Chair Massage
I can perform chair massages at your place of business, for group parties, wellness seminars, health events, and more. Chair massages are a great way to reward your employees for a job well done, and increase productivity and morale. They're also a fun way to celebrate a girls' spa night, or to raise awareness (and funds) at a special event. Massages may range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes based on the client's preferences. I can provide my own massage chair, promotional materials, and display table - you just provide the space and the people! See my rates page for pricing info.

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