Feathers 'N Flight
Payment Policy

last revised 2013

Payment Methods Accepted

All scheduled appointments must be paid in advance before time of arrival. If you have not paid in advance before arrival of set scheduled appointment.There will be a fee of $5. Scheduling of any new futrue appointment all fee's must be paid in full. For cancellations not given in a 24 hour advance notice and/or no call no show for a missed appointment. There will be a fee of $25. Or If your scheduled appointment was a part of a package deal the appointment will be deducted from your purchased package as if already used.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, personal check, money order, cashier's check, and credit card (via Paypal or Square).

Send Check Payments to;

Shasta Bates
P.O. Box 371882
Denver CO 80237

Returned Check Fees
Clients will be asked to cover any and all fees resulting from a returned check. No new appointments will be scheduled until such fees have been paid in full; and any applicable expiration dates will remain in effect.

Service Provider's Right to Require Cash
I reserve the right to require cash payments only in the future if a client bounces a check.

Paypal Fees
Clients will also be asked to cover any and all fees associated with the use of Paypal. The current Paypal charge, when paying by credit card, is 2.9%. To Paypal your payment online, log in to the Paypal site and type in rainbowmouse@hotmail.com as the recipient. When you send your payment, calculate the total amount due as the following below:

$[Session Fee Amount.00] x 1.29 = [Total Amount To Be Paid]

For example, to pay for a $50.00 training session using Paypal, the total amount due is calculated like this:

$50.00 x 1.29 = $64.50

You would then Paypal a total of $64.50 to send to me for that session.

If you are having difficulty determining the amount that should be paid using Paypal, please call me at 720-260-0512, and I will give you the exact figure. DO NOT send me payments through Paypal until you have calculated the correct amount!

Paypal Problems
I reserve the right to refund to you any payments that are sent to me incorrectly via Paypal (minus the fees that Paypal charges me for receiving your incorrect payment.) I will then ask you to make payment again, either through Paypal at the correct amount or via another method. Your sessions will not be considered paid for until I have received full payment in accordance with this policy.

Square Payment Fees
Every card accepted (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover)
A credit card fee of 2.9% for swiped transations and square wallet payments. A fee of 3.5%+15 cents for manually-entered transactions will be added to total cost.

Medical Insurance
I do not have the ability, at this time, to bill medical insurance providers for my services. Therefore, I do not accept medical insurance, and any such claims will need to be made by the client themselves to their own insurance provider. I will, with your authorization, provide your medical insurance provider with documented proof of our sessions if so requested.

Third-Party Benefits
I am willing to work with third-party benefit organizations if you have obtained a grant for the purpose of alternative health treatments (for example, The Chanda Plan Foundation.) Please contact me with the details and we can discuss your situation.

Service Provider's Right to Deny Service
I reserve the right to deny service to anyone who repeatedly bounces checks or has an outstanding, unpaid bill, including bills for bounced check fees. Fees from a missed apointment or from a (less than 24 hour notice) cancellations/rescheduling of appointments.