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Feathers 'N Flight offers training services in two ways:

My Office Location

Feathers 'N Flight

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Directions: If you have any questions or help finding the office location please call my cell at 720.260.0512.

My Office Location is equipped with sand bags, bosu ball and various training balls, a 3 to 50 lb set of rubber-ended dumbbells, and assorted workout bands. In addition, a rubber floor eases impact on the knees and ankles. I will tailor your workouts for you and will be tracking your progress during every workout.

In addition, my office location features its own private bathroom, which you are welcome to use after your session.

Location Pricing: My standard rate for training provided at my office location is $50/hour. Please see my Rates page for more information.

Location Hours: I can schedule appointments at my office location from 8 AM - 8 PM, Monday through Friday, and Saturdays and Sunday appointments may be available by special request. Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis.

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Travel to the Client's Home or Gym

Whenever possible, I prefer to work out of my office location, as we will have full access to the equipment that I am most proficient with. However, on occasion I do work with clients who are unable or unwilling to travel. Therefore, I am also available to perform sessions on-site at a client's home, and/or at the gym of their choosing (provided that the gym allows private instructors; see below.) Additional mileage and travel charges will apply; see my rates page for more information.

Requirements: We will need a quiet space in your home that's big enough to move freely. Much of my standard equipment is too heavy to be portable, but I will bring items such as workout bands, wrist and ankle weights, and excercise balls. Most of the exercises I will have you perform at home will be simple floor routines that I would encourage you to repeat on your own in between our sessions for added benefit. If you have your own workout equipment at home, we can incorporate that too. If you live in an apartment complex that has its own workout facilities, we can go there as well!

If you want me to train you at your own gym, please check with your gym management first to be sure that you are allowed to bring a private instructor. Many gyms have strict policies about using only their own trainers, or may want to charge me a fee to work on their property. If there is such a fee involved, I will ask you, the client, to pay for it in addition to my regular fees.

Location Hours: Training appointments are available Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM. Saturday and Saturday appointments are available by special request.

Location Rates: My standard training rates will apply to all on-site locations of $50 an hour, plus a flat travel fee of $25; additional mileage costs may also apply based on the driving distance to your home or gym. Depending on the client's level of necessity for on-site services, I may be willing to waive the travel fee, mileage fees, or both.

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