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What to Wear:

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Tank tops are recommended as they allow for the best range of motion. I will ask you to remove any loose jewelry as it can get caught in the equipment. You'll need a good pair of tennis shoes, too. If we're working out of my office location, you may bring your workout clothes (and/or a change of clothing) and change in a private bathroom before and after your session.

What to Bring:

You will want to bring a small notebook and pen with you, to keep track of your progress and take notes on any exercises you might want to perform at home. I have a water cooler and towels for your convenience, but you may bring your own if you would like.

Before Your Session:

Please eat a high-protein snack or meal approximately one hour before our workout. A good protein shake is an excellent choice; see my Resources page for some recommendations. Please also drink liberal amounts of water before, during and after your workout.

The Typical Workout:

A standard workout takes approximately one hour. We will begin with a series of warm-ups and stretches, designed to prepare your body for more strenuous activity. Then, depending on the training program we've designed, I will guide you through a series of exercises targeted to help you reach your fitness goals. When you've completed your routine, we'll do some cool-down work and stretch again, to help your muscles recover.

I will play a selection of upbeat music throughout your workout to help keep the energy levels high! If you have your own favorite workout tracks on either iPod or CD, you're welcome to bring them with you.

After Your Session:

Bring a small "clean" protein supplement and carb snack – Protein bar or drink and a piece of fruit, for example - to eat after your session. A little boost of natural sugar helps replace your body's reserves and helps keep you from feeling shaky after intense exercise. If you are using any post-workout nutritional supplements (such as creatine) you are welcome to bring them to take after your session. I would also highly recommend that your next full meal, following your workout, contain a good source of lean protein and complex carbs with a serving of veggies.

If we are working at my office location, there is a private bathroom in which you may change after your workout if you would like.


I am, of course, willing to work with you as many days of the week as you would like! However, many of my clients don't find that cost-effective and prefer to work out with me once or twice a week, and to work out on their own in between to maximize the benefits of their program. I will show you exercises that you can perform at home or at your own gym in between our sessions, and highly recommend that all clients work out 3 - 5 days of every week to see the best results. You can take a look at my Resources page for suggestions on fitness equipment that can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with great results!