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Feathers 'N Flight offers complete personal training programs:

Initial Consultation

The first step of any fitness program will be a thorough initial consultation. We will meet to discuss your fitness goals, your background, and any medical history that might have relevance to your fitness situation.

I am NOT a doctor!
Please consult a physician before beginning any fitness program.

I will ask you to complete a form containing important information that I will need to ensure that

we proceed with your training safely. I will also perform a fitness analysis for you, which may include assessment of body fat percentage, target heart rate, and initial cardio and strength capabilities. These assessments will give us the foundation from which we will design and build your fitness program. Please be advised that I will also ask you to sign a liability waiver stating that you have obtained a physician's approval to begin working out, or that you have chosen not to do so at your own risk. I will also provide you with a privacy statement outlining my policies when it comes to your personal information.

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Personalized Program Design

After we've analyzed your current fitness levels and goals, I will design a workout program specifically intended to help you reach those goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Many different types of exercise may be incorporated into your program: strength training (with weights, bands, and/or your own body weight), cardiovascular training, and my personal favorite, functional training, which concentrates heavily on stabilizing core muscles and challenging multiple body parts at once!

I can design programs for just about any set of fitness goals, including:

For Athletes
I am able to design workout programs to help improve speed, agility, and strength specifically targeted at an athlete's chosen sport. You won't believe how just how much this kind of targeted workout can improve your game.

I will provide exercises that emulate the most common and challenging movements involved in your sport, be it basketball, martial arts, or ice skating. In fact, I am willing to attend a client's practice or game in order to observe their activities more closely and create even more applicable exercises for their workouts. Now that's the kind of personal training that you just won't find at a commercialized gym!

A typical athletic program will emphasize strength, cardio, and flexibility, in proportion to their value to the particular sport in question. I would recommend that athletes involved in intensive training programs (5+ days per week) consider the benefits of regular massage treatment as well, to lower the risks of injury and help muscles recover more thoroughly and quickly between workouts.

Depending on your ability and willingness to work out on your own between our sessions, I may send you home with cardio and stretching homework, and concentrate primarily on strength activities in our workouts together. And, of course, my training sessions are meant to supplement your usual coaching, so please don't skip practices!


For Bodybuilders
Any bodybuilder knows just how important it is to have a workout program that flexes with you; a program that changes itself up often enough that your results don't plateau, while still providing constant and ever-increasing challenges that allow your muscles to gain mass and power.

I can not only help design such a program, but will track your progress closely and make whatever changes are needed from week to week to maximize your benefits. I will use the principles of "HIT" -- High Intensity Training -- to maximize your results as quickly as possible.

Every bodybuilding exercise has one common, vital factor: good form. An exercise performed poorly is not only ineffective but often has damaging consequences to your body, which can greatly impede the results you're looking for. In our sessions I will ensure that you maintain proper form throughout each exercise, and will spot you through those last few difficult reps so that you get as much benefit as possible from each and every movement.

I STRONGLY recommend that those involved in intense bodybuilding training consider regular massage therapy treatment alongside their workouts. Bodybuilding is a constant cycle of tearing down your muscles in order to build them bigger and stronger, and this makes your body increasingly susceptible to injury. I would also suggest that you adopt a good nutrition plan, as the way you nourish your body has great impact on how well it responds to and recovers from training.


For Weight Loss
For many people, weight loss is one of their primary goals when starting a fitness program. And I can help design a workout routine that is motivating, effective, fun and safe.

The biggest obstacle for most is simply finding a workout routine that they can stick to long enough for it to have the desired effect. I have found that one of the best ways to do this is to workout with someone else who keeps you motivated and keeps you from cheating!

I like to use a combination of cardio and basic strength training to achieve weight loss goals. Depending on your current fitness level and ability/willingness to work out on your own in between our sessions, I will likely assign cardio homework while we focus on your strength exercises in our workouts together.

A weight loss program will only be effective if it is performed regularly (3 - 5 times per week) and in coordination with a good nutrition plan! I have several of my personal favorite nutrition plans listed on my Resources page.


For Rehabilitation
Strengthening and exercising muscles and joints that have been damaged is often a vital part of the healing process. I have experience working with clients with spinal cord injuries, athletic injuries, and those recovering from surgery; I can help develop an exercise routine designed to rebuild strength and improve flexibility after your body has experienced trauma.

In rehabilitory sessions there will be an emphasis on stretching and joint manipulation as well as strength training. I may incorporate some level of massage technique also, as I find it is an integral part of healing.

Allow me to repeat, however, that I am not a doctor. My training sessions are not physical therapy treatments; they are workouts designed to help improve fitness. Please talk to your doctor before attempting any exercise program, and please provide both your doctor and myself with regular feedback on your results to ensure a safe and healthy recovery experience.


For Comprehensive Personal Fitness
For the vast majority of my clients, their primary fitness goals are simple: they want their bodies to be healthy, active, fit and energized. This may include a combination of some or all of the above techniques: weight loss, rehabilitation, even preparation for a given sport. But more than anything else, they really just want to look good in their clothes, be able to climb the stairs at work without wheezing, and to have enough energy for playtime with their family at the end of a long day.

No matter what your goals are or what your lifestyle is like, I can help you come up with a fitness routine that will help you get there -- and STAY there. I can work with you on any schedule that fits into your lifestyle (and budget, too, of course), whether you want me to guide your workouts every day of the week, or meet once a month while you perform the majority of your workouts on your own. I can even provide telephone support in between sessions when you need it.

Make an appointment for your initial consultation today, and let's get started!


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Guided Workouts

After your training program has been designed, I conduct fully guided workouts. These are one-hour sessions complete with warm-up, a selected series of exercises, cool-down and appropriate stretching.

I will demonstrate each exercise, and explain which muscles it targets and why it is relevant to your fitness goals. Then I will ask you to perform the movement yourself, and will watch and assist to ensure your form is correct. I will also help you push through the most difficult repetitions so you can fully fatigue your muscles.

We can schedule as many or as few sessions as your schedule, lifestyle and budget permit to help you proceed through your training program. For the average training client I would suggest one or two training sessions with me per week, with an additional two to four workouts performed on your own at home in between. As cardio exercise is often easier to perform at home, I will usually recommend that our sessions together be targeted strength based workouts. However, I will also provide a list of exercises you may perform at home in addition to cardio workouts. For exceptionally self-motivated clients, only one session with me every couple of weeks, or even just one per month, may be needed.

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Homework Assignments
Depending on the intensity of your program and the frequency of our sessions together, I will make recommendations as to how often you should work out at home and what types of exercise you should do.

I will almost always recommend two 20 - 30 minute cardio sessions per week in addition to our training sessions. These will depend on the equipment and methods available to you at home, and may range from a brisk walk around your neighborhood, to time on the elliptical at your gym, to a combination of jumping jacks and other floor moves designed to get your heart rate up.

I may also give you a list of exercises, similar to the ones in our sessions, but modified for home use. Depending on the frequency of our sessions together I will recommend anywhere from one to three independent workouts per week. If you find, when you get home, that you can't remember how to perform a particular exercise, I am also available by phone to answer any questions you might have, refresh your memory, or offer suggestions for alternate exercises if needed.

I highly recommend that you keep track of every workout you perform at home, just as we will track the workouts in our training sessions. If you write down what you did throughout the week and bring it to our sessions, it helps me tailor your workout even further.

You don't necessarily have to do your homework in order to benefit from our workout sessions. But, I can't guarantee you'll see the results you're hoping for without it. Besides, regular exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

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Fitness Analysis and Results Tracking
At your initial consultation, we will perform a fitness analysis. Depending on your fitness goals, this analysis may include a body fat percentage assessment, determination of your target heart rate, body measurements, and testing of various muscle groups to determine a good starting weight for each base exercise. I may also ask you to perform some basic stretches to ascertain your flexibility. I also encourage you, if you are comfortable, to take a few "before" pictures of yourself for comparison later.

As your program progresses, I will record each of our sessions, including the exercises performed, the number of repetitions completed and the weights used. I encourage you to bring a notebook yourself so that you can keep similar records, and so that you can document every workout that you do at home as well. Periodically we will perform your fitness analysis tests again to track your results. I will keep all of your data on record for as long as you remain a client in case you would like to request copies.

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Phone Consultations and Support
If necessary, I am available to provide phone support to answer questions, suggest alterations to your workouts, or discuss any concerns or difficulties you might have with your workout program. I do not charge for most simple phone calls. However, it may be possible in some situations to substitute a workout session with a phone consultation so that the client may update their workout at home on their own; in that case there will be a $10 charge for that consultation.

If you would like phone support, just call me at 720-260-0512.

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